Best Way to Save Photos

DSC05656The best way to save our photos is to back them up to something other than a computer. External hard drives are computers and they will not last forever, really, will anything really last? Our technology changes very quickly now. The old home movies were supposed to last forever, or at least 100 years, now they are fading, and drying up so they are falling apart. We can rescue your super 8 films and digitize them. Your photo prints can be scanned so you can reprint them on archival paper. Or, better yet, start making proper bound books with the photos. We can help you with this too. If your computer crashed today, would you loose any photos? If your answer is yes then burn them all to a CD or DVD disc. Then you only need to back up those disc every year or so, especially when technology changes. Otherwise, you won’t have the technology to open the discs or video tapes, or records. So, the best way to preserve your photos and other family media is to make sure you continue to back up the media on something other than a computer and keep the media current.

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