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Family Photo Scanning

Our scanners are top of the line Kodak , Nikon  and Epson. Our service is professional and efficient. If you have shoe boxes filled with photos, we will convert them to digital files and preserve them on discs. If your photos are in albums, we can scan them as a full page, individual photos from the pages, or we can remove and return photos to pages. Our prices vary based on how your collection is organized. We are seeing more and more fragile albums where the paper is deteriorating and photos are stuck on the pages. We will take good care of your treasures.

Some variations of Photo projects might include:

  • photos loose in boxes, containers, folders, bags
  • Photos in frames
  • Photos mounted on cardboard or glass
  • Photo Albums with writing below photos or on pages
  • 12 x 12 scrapbook pages
  • Album pages, where photos can be removed
  • Albums with several photos on a page, photos can be scanned as individual photos.
  • Extra large images such as newspaper full pages, images over 12×17 inches
  • Your collections might also include art work, articles, certificates, greeting cards etc., we can digitize these to a jpg or pdf format.

What is the best way of having your family photos scanned?

Pick a good size resolution to begin with. An image scanned at 300 dpi is a small file, it is fine if you are going to make a small print or do a slide show. However, every time you modify a digital photo the image size gets reduced. We recommend photos be scanned at 600 dpi if they are smaller than an 8×10. It takes twice as long to scan so many companies charge more for this service.

Custom Scanning (photos on the right)

We received a family collection where photos were placed in sections by year and family groups.  The photos also had the people’s names written properly on the back of each photo.  During our scanning process, we scanned the front and back of each photo and placed the photos in files according to the dates labelled.  So, when the family opened the disc, they could see the folder for each year and the photos inside of these folders.  The more organized you are coming in, the more organized we can be going out.  This takes a commitment on your part. You can also do this after your photos are scanned.

Photo Scanning Quality

We scan images 8×10 and under at scanned at 600 dpi, larger images are scanned at 300 dpi. unless otherwise requested. In fact, we can scan at 1200 dpi. Color correction, rotation, cropping, a disc of images, custom numbering and custom folders, are included in our full scanning services.The more organized you are with your photos, the more organized they will be once they are scanned. We work hard at helping you organize your collections.

Custom DVD’s from your photos

NEGATIVE DIGITIZING: Check our pricing for slides. We digitize all formats of film and priced according to your your format ie 35mm, 126mm, 110mm, large, medium formats, view master negatives/slides etc.

Document Scanning

Do you have boxes of old family letters, documents, cards, and other heirlooms.  We can scan them all to PDF files so you can open them and print them from your computer.  We find using an hourly rate gives the client the best price and keeps it simple. We can discuss how to bring in your documents that will save us time and keep the project efficient.  No worries about us reading them, we are far too focused on keeping the scanners clean and papers flowing.  We stop the process at every 60 scans to clean the scanners. You can scan these boxes yourself but give them to us, and we’ll do them in a week!

Photo Before Scanning
Photo Before Scanning
Scannned with Color Correction
Scanned with Color Correction

There are Many projects you can do with your photos.

Once you have digitized your photos, we can help you to make a hard cover book, a DVD with music, or duplication’s to pass to your family.

Once your photos are digitized they are ready to be made into a heart warming DVD with music.

You provide instructions of the order that you would like them to appear, your music and any titles and we will make your DVD production or slide show. link to Productions.

If you are making books with your photos, we can assist you with choosing the company or helping you by designing and making books for you. See our Photo Books page for more.

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