Video & DVD Productions and Slide Shows

Video Tribute and DVD Productions

We can produce personal and touching DVDs of a person, a couple, or a family. We have produced many retirement DVD’s and photo montages for special events and celebrations.

The ultimate gift for:

  • Testimonial slide shows
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirements
  • Bride and Groom

A quality heartwarming music video or DVD celebrating family, friends, and accomplishments. Present this gift at the anniversary party, family dinner, retirement bash, special birthday party, or rehearsal dinner.  How to prepare your media for your DVD

Our Affordable Prices

We have a variety of styles to choose from to keep your production within your budget and with your custom look. Our full productions are $3. per photo and this includes great effects, music, and custom design. We also have a $2. option of the same quality DVD production but with gentle dissolves rather than custom pans and effects. We work with you to produce a video presentation that works within your budget. Our express DVD’s can be done as low as $1.50 per image. These all include digitizing your photos and following your order. Large projects may be discounted. Since customers have photos on such a variety of media these days, it is much easier to price your project when we know what you have. You can also check our Specials page to see what our current sale is.

When film or video footage is incorporated in your video production, we need to transfer the film first and discuss editing notes so that we can include the important ‘highlights’ of your material. It is never too soon to have the initial meeting so that you are clear at the beginning how to get everything ready.

We like to make this process easy for you. In fact, you can leave pictures in the frames and in the albums. We will review how to number your material at the consultation meeting. If you do number the backs of any photos, be sure not to use an ink that will mark the photo that it placed on top. Use a dull pencil on the back. You can also purchase pencils that do not smudge from Art Media in Portland, or a scrapbook store.

Preparing Your Photos and Other Materials

OwenBaseballMake an edited DVD of your youths athletic best moves. 

The demo DVDs are often used for scholarship applications to Universities.  We have done several for baseball, soccer, football, and dance.  It takes a lot of work on your part picking the best plays that best show your youth’s skills.  We will follow your editing notes to make a clean edit in the order you want.  If you are taking video clips during games or performances, it would help later to either make notes where the best clips are or delete unwanted materials.  You will be thankful later that you did this. These demos are usually no longer than a 5 min. video so be selective!

Personal Narration

Once your photos or film are creatively presented in our editing program, you can come into our studio, be fitted with a microphone, and as your production is playing, your comments will be recorded on an additional track. We will add your voice and background music as the final step in your production. We can also have the grandkids and other family members come in and say a few special words at the beginning or end of your production.

We Also Do

  • Photo, slide and home movie productions
  • Video tape to DVD
  • home movies 8mm, super 8, & 16mm film to DVD
  • Audio Tape to CD
  • Records to CD
  • HD to DVD
  • Full scanning services of photos and slides


Our Affordable Prices