Video Tape to DVD

Preserve your family home video tapes.

We will digitize most video tape formats to DVD or Media Files.  We can fill each 2 hour DVD by combining or ‘bundling your tapes. We can also digitize your tapes direct to a digital file to a Hard Drive (.mov, mp4 format)

Video Tape to DVD

All of these tapes went into one binder case!

In order to eliminate all of your tapes, we will find the true end of where your recording stopped. Your tapes are lined up in the order that you request. We will combine two videos on one DVD (to a maximum of 2 hours).  If you would like more than two tapes on one DVD we can do this, we charge an extra $5.oo per additional tape, to a maximum of 2 hours.  ie. 4 tapes combined to make a 2 hour DVD is $28, plus $10. for the two extra tapes. This way you have 4 tapes for $38.

60 minute tape is $15.
61 – 90 minutes is $22.50
91 – 120 minutes is $30

If 2 tapes fill the 120 minute DVD then your charge is only $28.

Digital Files

  • Cost of media for files: If direct to a DVD disc then the cost of the disc is included. This will play in a DVD player as one file.
  • Video to digital file direct to a hard drive or flash drive: The cost to digitize $15. – $30. and the cost of the Hard Drive ($65 1 TB, or Flashdrive $12 and up pending size.). SSD drives are priced differently.
  • Converting your Video to both  mp4 and .mov. This will have an additional cost of $10.00 to $15.00 per video.
  • mp4 format will play on a New MAC and a PC Computer.

This customizing  takes  extra time but it gives you the best kind of transfer at the best price. You are not paying for lengthy black portions or charged for full tapes even though they are not.

Custom packaging, of your video transfer is done, each disc will have either a number as reference or a date.  Your DVD copies  can be packaged in library cases on there own or in groups (ie 4 disc cases, 12 disc binders etc), whichever seems to work the best.

Micro MV Video Tape

Our video services  can transfer all formats of video tape to DVD from right here in Portland. During 2000 – 2002 Sony marketed a camcorder that used a digital tape smaller than the regular mini digital tape. This is a Micro MV. The Micro MV video tape recorded up to one hour of video.  The camera was discontinued in 2002. We are able to convert these Micro MV tape to DVD.

Preserve your home videos by transferring them to DVD. We can transfer up to two hours of your tapes onto one DVD.  See our detailed prices

Make room on your shelves for your DVD’s

Video Formats

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Pal format
  • 8mm tape
  • digital 8
  • DV digital tape