How long will my video tape last?

If you are asking this question then it is time to digitize your videotapes.  Age will contribute to the loss of your videotape media for a number of reasons.  First of all, it is getting more difficult to find quality video players to watch your tapes on.  When videotapes have not been played for a long time, they start to deteriorate.  As the chemicals break down, there will be a moisture problem sets in.  The tape will bind together so it is not playable.  The moving parts on your cassette can also begin freezing up, so again, tape will not be playable.  If your tapes are drying out, then the tape will just snap in pieces. So, unless you are waiting for a special time to preserve your video tapes, there is no better time than the current time.  For further information on how we digitize your video tapes, click here

Archive your video tapes to media files, DVD, or hard drives

Video Tape to DVD

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