Design Your Own Page

PageDesign1The basic art work in the studio is free, the Premier art has just has about 90,000 different backgrounds and embellishments at your fingertips (it is included with the Club Heritage Makers. I still like to make my own backgrounds. My two favorites are:

Place a photo (a landscape, family home etc.) on the page and resize it to fill the size of your page. Then click on it, go into the tool box and pull the transparency icon. Your photo will fade until you stop it. Then place your photos on top in your the page using the faded image as a background. Here is a page I made using the house my mother grew up in:Blur a background to match your photos.

PageDesign2Place a colorful photo on your page and go into the tool box. Click on the blur option. Your colors will blend nicely and the photo will kind of float. Make sure you don’t stretch the photo too big or it wont blur. Once you have the look you want, duplicate that image to fill your page. Make sure the blur doesn’t show what is actually in the photo or you wont get the best effect.

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