How to remove photos stuck in albums

How to safely remove photos stuck on album pages.

How to safely remove photos stuck on album pages.

stuck in albumsMany of us used photo albums with the  waxed pages back in the 1970s.  These are a few of mine completely faded and stuck.  I also recently had numerous of these kind of pages from a clients order. Do not force the photos off the page or you will rip them or remove part of the back of the paper that your photo is on.

One way to safely remove photos is to use dental floss.  I have found that a blow dryer works great for removing stuck photos from album pages.  The heat from the dryer melts the wax and with a gentle and slow pull your photos will be released.  Just use enough of the heat to release a little at a time.  You don’t want to overheat the photo and risk a burn.  Once your photo is out, it will probably have a curl to it.  Place the photos flat between a heavy book to flatten them.

Just be sure the photo has no sticky wax on the back so they don’t fasten themselves to the new book.





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