How to share photo collection in a divorce.

It is stressful enough having a divorce and making all those settlement decisions, so what options are there for sharing photo albums?  Giving all the family albums to one person would be very difficult.

We have assisted many people with this dilemma.  You can divide all the albums but then you miss out on having all of the memories of your children growing up.  Having your albums digitized seems to be the best option.  We can digitize each photo and each page in your family albums.  Each of your albums will have a unique folder name and numbering system.  We digitize scrapbooks, old worn albums, new albums with photos in separate sleeves, framed pictures, loose photos, and pretty much anything.  Once your family photo collection is scanned, it is easy to make copies to share among families.  In a divorce situation or even when sharing family collections with family, everyone can receive a complete digitized copy of the photos.  Then, you can decided if one person keeps the albums or divide them up.  Some people have all the photos removed during or after the scanning process so the original photos can be divided up.   We can help you sort or make decisions during these dilemmas.


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