Slide Scanning

Digitize Your Photo Slides

If you don’t have the time to be scanning all your slides let us digitize  them  quickly, and efficiently.  After we scan your slides you can view them in your computer or your DVD player, or you can make a books, prints or a wonderful slide show/DVD production.

Slide Sizes We Cover

Slide Sizes We Cover

Our slide scanning services will digitize your slides and place them onto disc, flash drive or hard drive so they are preserved and can still be worked with.   Slide scanning prices varies depending on which format is chosen, and the resolution requested. We will price match with local businesses for the same service. In fact, we will probably do better! We are in Portland, Oregon and do all of your slide and photo scanning in our studio.

We scan film and slides that are 35mm and 126 mm  at 2800-4000 resolution with our high end scanners. This gives you a clear image large enough for clear large prints. The older negatives and slides can vary in size and we digitize them as well.  Our scanning system removes dust and cleans up your image nicely. Extra large slides and negatives can be scanned larger or small resolutions.  Your project is reviewed with you to be sure we reach your needs.

Once your slides are digitized we can put them into a slide show format with music. These make great gifts for family. Our services include light color correction, dust removal, and  rotation. Some people have the technology to do post improvements themselves, we of course can reduce your cost when you do not need this service.

slides digitized and archived on DVD and Hard Drive

We have not come across any negatives or slides that we have not been able to digitize.  It is difficult to quote prices these days because there are several different formats showing up. We have never even seen 3inch by 3 inch glass and metal mounted slides until this past year, now we see a lot.  Even 110 size slides are coming in.

We make it easy for the customer to get the job done as quickly, safely, and efficiently.  Your slides can be in trays , boxes, bags, envelopes etc.  Slides in metal mounds can remain in the mounts but they will be digitized without the scratch removal system.

Our 35mm slides digitize vary in price depending on quantity, condition of slides ie glass, warped, unmounted, or clean  $.60 (over 1000) to $.75 (under 100) per slide depending on how many you have.

Super slides, 127mm slides and large format negatives can run  $.75 to $1.75 each.

We use top of the line scanners: Nikon 5000 Coolscan, Epson 10000xl, & Kodak/Nikon digital system.  Your slides will be archived with unique file numbers and folder names.