Best Way to Preserve Home Movies

Time and technology keeps changing and creating new ways to save our precious family film and slides. We have always felt that after we have transferred your family films that you should have some sort of a back up in case you accidentally damage or lost your DVD.

The industry has always recommended that the best back up format is a digital master tape. It is great for editing, making future copies and to make other format changes. And most importantly, it is not compressed.

Manufacturers of camcorders and other recording devices are working hard at fazing out tape. Now we have more options of internal and external hard drives, memory cards and thumb drives. These however are still computers so will eventually not work. So, archiving our home movies on a DVD or Blue Ray, seems to be the current recommendation. We still believe the digital tape is the best but with the players being fazed out, hard disc seems to be the best alternative for now.

When we receive your film order, we can discuss your preference, all film transfers do come with at least one DVD.

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