File formats for digitizing film, video and other motion media

We can digitize your film to the format that you need and place it directly onto your external hard drive.

MOV and MPG 4 Formats file sizes:

MOV is a MAC based video format and a large file format preferred by MAC based users.

MP4 is a smaller file format preferred by PC users.

How much footage can go a Hard drive?

The basic math is:  .mov every 5 minutes of video or film is 1 gigabyte of space.

.mp4  every 5 1/2 minutes of video or film is 1 gigabyte of space

MP4 also has a file format that compresses video even smaller to to 30 mins of video to one gigabyte.

These calculations should be considered when you are deciding on a thumbdrive or an external hard drive.

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