1/26/2016  Yelp Review
Lorelei was fantastic to work with!  She explained all our options and went above and beyond to meet our deadline.  The 650 DVD slide show was a surprise for my moms’ 90th birthday and she was delighted.  I had Lorelei make copies for all 5 of my sisters and brother and they were so grateful to have family memories preserved – now we don’t have to fight over who gets (or has borrowed) the slides!

9/28/2015  Yelp Review
We had a reunion coming up and I had a ton of slides and a few very old 8 mm movies. I also had a tight timeline. These guys performed. I did two of the movies and was so thrilled I brought back the rest. The do it all and will accept carousels or bulk. The personalize labels.
I could not be happier. Thanks.

“KFTV transferred our home movies from VHS-C tapes and digital tapes onto DVD’s, put them in a nice folder with labels. I have had friends who mailed off their baby pictures or wedding photos to a remote company, only to find out they have been sent elsewhere for processing and then LOST!  So I was very glad to find Keepsake Family Tree Video here in Portland.  They have a home-based business, so you’re dealing with the person who will be doing the work, and it never leaves their office.  The owners are very nice and professional, and care about the quality of their work.

We had a shoe-box full of VHS-C and digital tapes from 1997 onward, and all I did was label them in order, they did all the work. What a relief to have them in digital format now on DVD’s so we can watch them any time.  We have watched several and they turned out great, even better than I expected given the age of the tapes.  The price was less than I had anticipated too, and better than most online companies I found. I would highly recommend!”

June 2014  Angie’s list Review

“I found Keepsake by their website. I was new in town and wanted to get to know my neighbors, so I offered to meet Lorelei at her home office. She quickly felt like a wonderful new friend. I handed her a huge pile of printed photographs in all sorts of sizes and shapes. I wanted them all scanned and trimmed and upright and in individual digital files so I could build a digital family photo album without spending weeks processing the photographs. Keepsake had all the right equipment and knew exactly what I needed. She delivered exactly when she said by driving right to my door personally, for a price that was well worth the job to me. I would hire her again in a minute, and recommend her service to anyone else. I look forward to working with her again soon.”

Mark S. Portland 2015

“I just love what you did with the scanning of Jesse’s baby book. You took such care to copy every detail that adds to the story.  I had forgotten that many of Jesse’s special portraits were in this book; I’m so glad to have them saved. Even the “Vancouver Mall” logo on the back of a Christmas picture helps place where we were that time in the past. And I really appreciate all the scans of the small town newspaper; I’m smiling at names in the paper that I still remember, and the ads, and all the history.  It will be very special to me to have this whole book saved for the next generation.”

Thank you very much!! Cathy  R.   2014

“I am very pleased with your work to transfer 6400 ft. of 8mm video movies and 465 photos and slides to digital DVD disc. Your quality of work has been problem free in viewing the new image. Your DVD’s all seem to be of very good quality. DVD’s are all clear with good image of my 50 years photography techniques. I realize my photos are only as good as I was in photographing my history. I apprecieate your helping me by transfering and protecting my photographies history and life memories. Thanks again – I will recommend yur work to others!”

Vernon L. S.

“Thank you so much for the lovely work you did on Jim’s book. The first time I sat down with it, I was awestruck. It is joyous, warm, and rich. Your use of color, background, the texture, the layout expresses a great deal of your creative ability. Your photography, none of which I had seen, is exceptional. We are both very grateful to you for your time and effort.”

Lori and Jim

“Thank you so much, Lorelei, for working with me in such a timely and generous way. We’ll be happy to refer others to you.”

Annette E

“Thanks so much for your attention to detail and fine work in transferring our video to DVD. We’ve watched a few bits and pieces of some of the discs and the quality is super. As I mentioned to Dave, we’ve never seen most of the footage that was on those tapes. We recorded it and stored it. It is such a treat to see these memories now.”

Dave C