Press Release 03

Letter From The Editor

21 Mar 2000 | By: The Editor | For: Islands Magazine

I always knew that islands inspired romance. There’s something about the sun – shining on all that water that makes the heart beat faster. Secluded beaches, breathtaking drives, spots for a picnic tete-a-tete or even a wedding somehow seems more enchanting on an island.

It turns out that ISLANDS also inspires romance. Late last year we heard from reader Lorelei Young, who won a Royal Caribbean cruise in our photo contest three years ago with her picture of a hula contest in Hawaii. The trip came at a busy time in her life, providing a tropical vacation whe would otherwise not have taken that year. The second night aboard ship, she waited for the evening’s entertainment to begin and began to scan the rows of other passengers.

“My eyes stopped,” she wrote, “when I noticed an interesting looking man who appeared to be looking right at me. I thought, what incredible eyes he has…” Later that evening the two of them met, and as the ship made her way from Cozumel to the Cayman Islands to Jamaica, they met again. And again.

“It soon became quite funny,” Lorelei went on, “because there were a couple of thousand people on this huge ship, and I kept bumping into the same person.” Soon after she returned to her home in British Columbia, she received a letter…”That was two years ago,” she wrote ISLANDS in December, “and Dave and I have been seeing each other ever since.”

They’ll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on. In January, Lorelei and Dave Brown were married on the beach near her home in Victoria (on an island, naturally), and they honeymooned at an up-island resort.