Video to digital on Disc or Drives

Cost to digitize: $14. up to an hour or $28. up to 120 mins. Video direct to a DVD disc can lower costs by placing your tapes on one DVD to fill 2 Hr. We include 2 tapes with an additional charge of $5. per tape when they are all on one DVD (2 hrs).

Cost of media for files: If direct to a DVD disc then the cost of the disc is included. This will play in a DVD player as one file.

Video to digital file direct to a hard drive or flash drive: The cost to digitize $14. – $28. and the cost of the Hard Drive ($65 1 TB, or Flashdrive $15 and up pending size.)

Converting your Video to both mp4 and .mov. This will have an additional cost per video. MP4 format will play on a MAC and a PC Computer. If you want your media in both mp4 and .mov files there is a conversion charge per digital file.

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