Film to DVD

Film to DVD, 8mm, Super8, 16mm, Digitized
Film to DVD Conversion

Film to DVD Conversion

We provide quality film transfers of your 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film to DVD. Our professional service includes cleaning and repairing old splices at no extra cost. We do not send your film out to be digitized, but do it on location. We use the latest digital technology to guarantee a non-flicker, clear film transfer.How many reels of home movies fit on a DVD?


Compare our low prices for Film to DVD Conversions:

  • 4 reels of film, 50 ft each is $30   (200 ft)
  • 8 reels of film, 50 ft each is  $60.  (400 ft)
  • 12 reels of film, 50 ft each is $90   (600 ft)
  • 200 foot reel of film is $30
  • 400 Foot reel of film is $60

We only charge for film that we actual digitize, lengthy footage of black, orange or where there is no image does not get recorded. In order not to cut any of your images, there could be a little ‘blank film’.

Our digital services in Portland can handle all of your film and video tape projects. We also copy DVDs quickly and professionally.  Our studios are in our home in Portland so no worries or mailing costs for local projects.

Convert your home movies and enjoy watching them without messing with that old film projector; we will transfer your film to DVD from our Portland home based studio.

Keepsake transfers your film at  $0.15 per foot. ($25 minimum order).
Check our affordable prices.

What is the best way to have your film converted to DVD?  First of all, trust where you have it done.  Since  September 2014 we are on Angies list honor role.   We digitize home movies  in our Portland home based studio so it is not sent anywhere. Your film is properly inspected, cleaned, lubricated and viewed as it is converted.  If there is lengthy footage without images ie black, white, we do not record that. If there is a little on the edges we don’t want to cut your images so we don’t edit too closely. However, you are not charged for what we do not record and that can save you money and keep your film interesting. We use the latest technology with original but modified equipment. We capture all frames without cutting tops or sides off. All film needs to have light sent through it in order to capture the true images and the smooth timing. Our film to DVD conversions are not jerky, flicking or missing frames. It is done correctly the first time.

Digital Video Files and Formats

We can digitize your film to the format that you need and place it directly onto your external hard drive. The uncompressed method is to digitize to digital tape or directly to a HD. Call to discuss what the best format is for you.

($25 minimum order). Check our affordable prices.

Choosing the Best Digital Video Services

If you research online what the best way to transfer film to DVD is, you can get lost in the information.  Everyone has the best method, you can go in circles trying to make sense of all the techniques. Check references, check Better Business Bureau, and talk to the person who is converting your film. Our film to DVD prices are the same cost for super 8, 8mm and 16 mm film.  We convert your film ourselves and our cost are so low that coupons are not needed! When you are pricing film to DVD look beyond the coupon to make sure you are in fact getting a comparable price for a quality film transfer. We actually digitize every frame of your film and our equipment will produce a smooth flicker free film transfer.

We can edit your film by removing those lengthy reels of road signs and zoo animals. The highlights of your film can be incorporated with your family photographs and slides to celebrate and preserve family memories. Editing is done by following your notes that you make after reviewing your converted film and video tape.