Scanning Family Memories

When looking for a safe place to have your family photos and slides digitized be sure to talk to a person on the phone first. Ask about where they are located and if they do the job on location or send them out. When asking for pricing, write down exactly what the costs are for specific sizes, and what is included in their scanning prices. Often you are are quoted a companies lowest price that is based on over 1000 images and a small resolution, no color correction and costs for the media your project is placed on. These days, people want different options so it is best to make your request known upfront. We also find it difficult to set a standard price on scanning because there are many requests to customize orders and we want to discuss all options before starting a project.

The process only takes a few minutes. Some of the questions we ask are:

Do you want your photos, slides, film on a CD, Flash Drive, or an external Hard Drive?

Do you have an order of how your photos are numbered and specific file names?

Do you want your photos scanned at the best size (our standard size), or smaller for storage reasons.

More details can be found on our website.


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