Time to Gather Family Film & Photos

Easter weekend is the perfect time to talk about preserving all the family photo’s and media. If you are going home, dig out the slides and film, fire up the projector and enjoy the memories. Check the family photo albums to see what condition they are in. Find out who has what in the family. If you can get everything in one place, then you are ready for the next step. What to do with it all? We can digitize everything you have. We can even scan all your old letters and special documents so they are are a disc and PDF files, for preservation. You can call and have Lorelei meet with you to discuss your materials and provide suggestions on how to organize and get the job done! It is now time to convert everything digital. From there, you can make new prints, make great family books, bound and printed, make DVD’s from your home movies and super 8 film. Or do a family history DVD with your parents voice over. Explore all of the options on our website. We even duplicate your albums so they are preserved and can be duplicated. Just give us a call.

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