Scanning Slides

There are several types of scanners available to scan your slides. The best seems to be the Nixon Coolscan however Kodak stopped making them several years ago. The Epson scanners work very well and vary in price. We suggest that if you are purchasing a scanner for slides or negatives that you look for products that are made by actual companies that have a strong digital background like Nikon, Epson, Canon etc. We use the Nikon scanners for 35mm slides as long as they are not glass mounted or very warped. We do scan all the various sizes of slides and negtives with our variety of professional scanners. We also price our services to include high resolution, color correction, rotation and we even keep your slides in the order that you present them in. While scanning your own slides is very possible, we can take out your learning curve, equipment expenses, and do a high quality job.

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