Photos From Your Cellphone

When you take photos from your cell phone camera they are digital. Hopefully you burn these treasures onto a DVD every once in awhile or after a very special event. This way, when the computer crashes, you have a back up. There is a great way of getting very inexpensive prints from your phone photos, actually 100 for $2.99. The Groove book is a service where you download their app on your phone, then upload 100 photos a month. They pop their little book of all your prints in the mail, all for $2.99. The prints are perforated so you can take them out to frame or give away.If you don’t want 100, they will duplicate the ones you send to make 100. Its a monthly subscription but cancellation appears to be easy. I would use it but I still like my Blackberry Cell and there isn’t an app for this.

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