Making a DVD for Scholarships

OwenBaseballEvery year we assist families by editing their video clips and making a short DVD that showcases their youth’s special skills in dance, football, baseball, and soccer. Some parents record games over a period of several years, some focus on the current year. It is very awesome to watch a Senior’s DVD that shows them practicing their skill from grade 1 up to 12 in 6 dynamic minutes.

These DVD’s are submitted along with applications for scholarships to Colleges. They are also required by future coaches for team selections. So, while you are at games or even practices take out that video camera. It will make editing much easier if you label or make notes of where special clips are. Then when ready you will need a good editing program. If you are using a video camera the tapes can be converted to a digital format for editing. We can convert the tapes for you. High Def footage can also be reduced to standard video in order to keep your file sizes down and still have clear images. We can also make your personal DVD for your college application by using your editing notes.

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