Damaged Photos Can Be Restored

If you used the basic coiled photo albums to keep your family photos in order, you should check their quality right away. Most of these photos have been fading behind the plastic sheets and they are sticking to the paper they were mounted on. These photos should be removed immediately. Photos that are stuck to the pages can be cut out, keeping the back on. You can use wax dental floss to attempt to gently remove each photo. Once removed, it is important to have your photos digitized in order to preserve them. You can use your home scanner or have us scan them for you. Faded photos can be brought back to the original image through our photo restoration service.

If you want to preserve your photos then they should be digitized. Then your originals can be kept in proper archival storage and you can display a quality ‘copy’ on your wall or in an album. We can assist you in preserving your family photos through our digital service, DVD production and publishing services.

Photos and Slides and What To Do With Them

The best way to preserve your photo’s and slides is to digitize them. There are several ways we can do this. We can scan your photos and slides as individual jpg files. Then they are put on a disc. Once you have these jpg files, you can open them on your computer, move them into files to archive them, make prints from them, make posters, books, calanders etc. If you would like to have a DVD made from the jpg files, we can do that in several different ways.

We can make a DVD from your photos and slides. We can go directly to the DVD as a video type format so all your images run together with special transitions in between each image. Music and titles can be added. You can even do the narration on your family DVD to give it a real spirit.

We can do any of the above. Some clients like to have the jpg files and the DVD production. Some people just want a DVD productions, some just want the jpg files. Its all good! The great thing is, copies of any of these disc are inexpensive so it is nice to make copies for everyone in the family. That way, if anything happened to your originals, someone else will have a copy. That’s better then purchasing a big safe!

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