Categorize Your Photos

PhotoMontageThese days taking photos is so easy because we all have digital cameras and cameras on our cell phones. As quickly as we see a great shot, at the click of the button, that moment is frozen in time. Our phones and camera cards become crowded with a variety of photos. Many people upload photos to their social media pages to share. Others keep them on the computer. It becomes very difficult to find photos unless they are placed in folders that identify them.

We have found a method that works well. Open a folder of each year. Then in that year, open a folder of either every month or every special occasion ie Dad’s birthday, Summer, Vacation, Mexico etc. Then, drag the photos into the proper folder. Then it is safe to delete those photos from your phone or cards. Once you have a nice bundle of photos burn them to a disc. So what it the disc cost up to $1. it is the best insurance you have. Your computer is hopefully being backed up by an external drive as well. Then, start to make DVD productions, slide shows, books, posters and scrapbooks from your photos. Then you can enjoy the memories with family and friends over time.

Sharing photos on social media is fun but this doesn’t preserve the images for future enjoyment.

It is also helpful to rename your photos according to the event they are, or by the shooting date.

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