Camera Phone Photos

MississippiEveryone seem to have a cell phone these days and they are so very handy to take photos with. I am still very attached to my Nikon D90 and even my small pocket Sony digital camera. Having full control of lighting, focussing and photo size is still very important. We often receive photos from customers for print or for their special DVD productions. Quite often the photos were taken with phones with a small file size setting. These look good on websites but not on video productions or for photo books. Small pixel size photos do not enlarge well like a photograph does. A digital image will just get more out of focus and pixalated as you enlarge it…..unless you have a good size photo to start with. So, don’t be dissapointed when it is time to do something with your photos. Find your menu or phone manual and make sure you have the photo large setting selected. Having a real camera when you know you will be taking photos is also a good idea. Make sure your camera settings are also on a large size.

Here is a photo taken with a camera at Portland Mississippi Festival on the weekend.

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