Photo Scanning Price Comparison

Just to do a reality check I decided to go online and pick the first photo scanning company that came up to compare their pricing to ours. At first glance, they were quite a bit lower than us, however when I selected all the options that we include in our pricing, on a 500 photo […]

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Photos From Your Cellphone

When you take photos from your cell phone camera they are digital. Hopefully you burn these treasures onto a DVD every once in awhile or after a very special event. This way, when the computer crashes, you have a back up. There is a great way of getting very inexpensive prints from your phone photos, […]

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Scanning Slides

There are several types of scanners available to scan your slides. The best seems to be the Nixon Coolscan however Kodak stopped making them several years ago. The Epson scanners work very well and vary in price. We suggest that if you are purchasing a scanner for slides or negatives that you look for products […]

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Why do We Take Photos

As I scan family albums and stacks of old photos I think about how awesome it is that these memories have been saved. I think about how much fun this generation and future ones will enjoy seeing the faces of their families. The stories that are captured by looking at our old photos are preserved. […]

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The Best Way to Scan Slides

Scanning slides can be quite involved depending on the format that you have and your scanner. First of all most scanners are set up to scan 35mm slides. These are rectangular negatives mounted in a 2×2 inch cardboard or plastic mount. The old instamatic cameras were often 126 mm, these are a square positive mounted […]

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Making a DVD for Scholarships

Every year we assist families by editing their video clips and making a short DVD that showcases their youth’s special skills in dance, football, baseball, and soccer. Some parents record games over a period of several years, some focus on the current year. It is very awesome to watch a Senior’s DVD that shows them […]

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Camera Phone Photos

Everyone seem to have a cell phone these days and they are so very handy to take photos with. I am still very attached to my Nikon D90 and even my small pocket Sony digital camera. Having full control of lighting, focussing and photo size is still very important. We often receive photos from customers […]

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Categorize Your Photos

These days taking photos is so easy because we all have digital cameras and cameras on our cell phones. As quickly as we see a great shot, at the click of the button, that moment is frozen in time. Our phones and camera cards become crowded with a variety of photos. Many people upload photos […]

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Storing Your Photo Albums

If you find yourself packing up photo albums and slides every time you move then there might be an easier solution. We have been digitizing family photo collections a lot lately. What a relief it is when customer’s pick up their old photo albums and slides knowing that they are now safely preserved on discs. […]

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