Best Scanning Size for Photos

The Best Camera Setting to Use

When you are taking a photograph with your camera, the larger the file size that you choose, the more detail you will get of your image (small, standard, large). If you choose a very small size and then try to order a 18×24 poster, your image will not be large enough. You can easily go backwards from a very large file so a small print without loosing quality. However, if you set your camera to the largest size and all your photos are 10 MB and higher, you might have far more pixels than you can use. It is difficult to send these large files over the Internet, it takes several CD’s to store them, and they can take a long time to open. If you are happy with printing standard sizes to about 4 times larger, then the standard camera setting should be adequate.

The Best photo scanning settings

Having explained that, scanning photos is quite different. The pixels are only going to absorb what is printed on your photograph. Therefore, choosing a large amount of pixels is not necessary. A standard size photo scanned at 300 dpi will print clearly at the same size of that photo. Scanning at 600 resolution then your file size is twice as large as your photo. The industry standard for printing is 300. I like to scan photo’s at 600 resolution unless they are very tiny or 8×10 and larger. This size photo file can be uploaded on line quickly, printed on most online website, and they make very nice prints. When you scan photos, remember to crop the image so that you don’t scan the large white background (that will give you a very small photo). Scanning for a website can be a very small file 72 resolution. However, its best to preserve your image at the standard setting so that you can use it for other projects.

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