Backup Hard Drives Also Crash

It is wise to save your photo’s and important files on a DVD or CD disc as well as an external hard drive. We have heard people mention that they store thousands of photo’s on their external hard drives and feel confident that these treasures are safe. All computers store information on hard drives, and as we all know, computers eventually crash for various reasons. All external hard drives will crash if used all of the time. It has also be mentioned in articles that a hard drive that sits unused for over a year could in fact lock up. This is apparently because it is a computer and needs to be run periodically. Articles that we have read claim that the HDs will last longer if they are not always plugged into your computer and saving materials…..this of course keeps them working.

It might be wise to keep your backup hard drive unplugged and use it only to back up material. We are in the process of moving material from our current external HD to a new one. This should ive us more years of safe storage. Our photos are also saved on discs.

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